The Kneeling Bench

Our kneeler or prie-dieux, is child sized and adjustable. At the smallest, it perfectly fits a three-four year old. The screws allow for it to grow with the child. The bench comes unfinished. It is made of a hardwood. (Beech).  A knee pad is included. Fabrics vary. It can easily be recovered with a fabric to match your decor. Some choose to paint it and others stain it. An adult size is also available. Both sizes are made by a local Texas carpenter and both are $69.00 plus shipping and handling.

They are a perfect visual for children who are learning to run to the Lord to pray when times are hard...or to pray in celebration! The family can gather in The ROCK to have family prayers around the kneeler.

Please contact me,, for purchases. Shipping costs will depend on how many are ordered.