Quick disclaimer: Names have been changed in this piece to protect the innocent. 😉

So my ring!!!!!

I’ve been wearing my ring to school, to run errands, to church, anywhere I go, I’ve worn that lovely ring loudly and proudly, including all day today.

There is quite an interesting update to this story though… Just one week after receiving my precious jewel, Wesley again entered my classroom with his face a bit blushed. He came trotting over to my desk with a new ring in his hand. It was light pink this time, heart shaped with the same beautiful silver lining. Once more, this was purchased with his own money that he earned in his classroom. As he placed it down on my desk, I put my arms around him and he whispered in my ear, “Hey mom. This is for Jen.” 


Oh yes. This was for a sweet, little-miss in my classroom! Let me say that again…He purchased that pink, heart-shaped ring for a young lady in my class! I wasn’t sure what to do, so I simply walked him over to said young lady and he (a bit shyly, well, as shy as Wes can be) handed it to her. She smiled and placed it on her finger. I admit that I felt a twinge of pride that she decided to wear it. Bless her kind, kind soul for that small, but oh so big moment. She will never know what that did for my heart.

As he began to walk away, he quickly turned back around to her and said, “Oh, and it’s just because we’re friends.” She smiled again and went back to work and he went back to class.

And that was that.

His first real gift to me and his first real gift to a girl all in 7 short days…what a week!

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