You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Coaching for Parents

Is your child disrespectful or disobedient? Have you used every strategy that you know and are still not getting positive results? Are your children pleasant to be with or do you dread taking your children into a social setting? Are you getting reports from school that are about your child’s negative behavior? Are there chaotic periods of the day in your home? Do you want to have a peaceful bedtime each night?

Sometimes, in the life of parent, you may need someone to encourage you and to help you to develop a plan for you and your child.  Your child might be exhibiting disrespect or disobedience and you need someone from the outside to support you in developing strategies that will enable you both to take positive steps forward. It is amazing when someone can listen to your story and offer ideas from a whole new perspective!

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Coaching for Teachers

Teachers are seeing more and more challenging children in the classroom.  If you find yourself in a classroom with a challenging child (or children), Lauren and Peggy would be honored to help you with new ideas and strategies.

They have lived life in public and private school classrooms and have been challenged with children who disrupt the flow of the day and cause a high level of stress for both the students and the teachers. Lauren and Peggy know that there is not a magic solution but can offer brain-based strategies and new ways of thinking that can lead to a thriving classroom.

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Loved the lesson that was taught today by Peggy.

I had seen the nature video she shared before but it made me cry again today. So, I put up a hammock that we have never used and made my kids play outside.They had a blast! Thankful for the reminder to put down our electronics and get outside!