Open your Bibles today to Acts 9:36-43.

Perhaps you have been in a church where there was an older ladies’ class that was named the Dorcas Class.  I know when I was younger that my mother belonged to a class by that name.  I always thought that was an unusual name for a Sunday School class. However, when you read the story of Dorcas in the Bible it becomes very clear why a group of women would want to be known by that name.

If we just read verse 36 of chapter 9 we would see why this woman was beloved by her friends and community.  It says, “She was full of good works and acts of charity.”  There is only one paragraph in the Bible dedicated to this woman…but oh…what a paragraph it is! Wouldn’t you love to have that said by your community about you?

  • If the community was asked to describe you, what would they say?
  • In your opinion, what would good works be in today’s culture?
  • In your opinion, what would be considered “acts of charity”?
  • Do you participate in “good works”? “Acts of charity”?

Verse 37 tells us that she became ill and died.  They washed her and laid her in an upper room.  Because she was well known for her goodness and charitable ways even the men were aware of who she was and acted quickly! Verse 38 says that the disciples knew that Peter was in nearby Lydda.  They sent two men to him and encouraged him to come quickly to Joppa.

Read verses 39-42.  Peter came quickly to the place where Dorcas lay in the upper room.  The people of the community continued to talk about Dorcas, showing Peter the tunics and garments that she had made for people.

  • What did Peter do next?
  • When she was presented alive…how do you think the people reacted?
  • What was the result of this miracle?
  • When God does something wonderful in your life do you tell the story in hopes of many becoming believers in Jesus?

Before closing your Bible picture yourself standing on the small streets, almost alleyways, of Joppa.  Imagine the people around you talking about Dorcas being raised from the dead!  Imagine the upper room nearby where Dorcas had been prayed over by Peter.  You will be standing on those streets in the fall.

Where does verse 43 say that Peter went after performing this miracle?

This week give some thought to what people would say about you if you passed away?  What is your legacy? Would people be talking about your good works and acts of charity?

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