As a celebratory blog about our first year of marriage, I thought I might write about making it through the “bumps in the road”, but no, I’ve already written about a few of those. Clearly, we’ve had them. 

Maybe I’d write about what it’s been like getting married later in life? Maybe just about love? Maybe about all the things I’ve learned?


I decided on quotes.

Yes, quotes, from our home, to sum up our first year of marriage. These are actual, quick, conversations that have taken place between B and me. And they’ve all brought laughter, a lot of laughter. I think they sum up our first year better than any great story.

I have chosen six, not in any particular order. 

Me: I saw on this documentary that this girl took six days of silence and it changed her life.


Me: I think I’m going to do that.

B: Did you want to start tonight?


B: My dream job is in Chicago.

Me: I’m not moving to Chicago.

B: You’re keeping me from my dreams.


B: (B walks in as I’m reading my Bible.) Oh! You’re reading your Bible?

Me: Yes.

B: I figured you had some other book you were hiding in there just to make it look like you were reading your Bible.



Me: Here, B. (I hand him half of my homemade chocolate chip cookie.)

B: Here, Lauren (Eating homemade lemon pound cake.)


Me: B, I need you to know that when I’m old, I’m going to have to cut my hair really short and make it curly and get it fixed once a week. I know you don’t like short  or curly hair.


Me: Well?

B: Bye.


Me: B, I’m really worried about “Tom”, the baby bird we had to let go. I don’t want him to die in the yard.

B: They have a high mortality rate. Don’t expect good things.

Me: (Speechless, with a horrified look on my face.)

B: Don’t expect good things in life, Lauren. 


My dad has always said that he believes there are actually 6 love languages, not five. He claims the 6th is “harassment”.

He teases. It’s who he is. He teases the people he cares about. It is the way he loves on people and the way he feels loved back. In fact, if he isn’t teasing you, that is when you need to worry.

Growing up as his daughter, I learned the fine art of teasing. I am made very much like him, and I inherited his love language of harrassment. This taught me the very important lesson of knowing how to laugh at myself, but also how to appropriately laugh with others. And as ironic as it sounds, when someone teases me it makes me feel very, very loved.

God has gifted me with a man who knows how to laugh and how to make me laugh. Psalm 126:2, (intermingled with the “bumps”), could not be more true of this first year.

The Lord truly has done great, great things for us.  Here is to hoping we will continue the laughter and the fun until we are 102. 

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