Parent Training

Supporting You as You Train Up The Next Generation

Would you like to provide the same training for your parents that your weekday classes are signed up for? The team can do evening classes for parents when they are there for the teacher training. When both are working together great things can happen for the children and families!

Peggy and Lauren have a deep desire to support and provide training for parents and are available to speak at your next event or training. They have presented at many church-wide and area-wide parent conferences.They’ve also taught at evening, weekend or Sunday parenting events. They have many sessions they can bring to educate parents! 

For example:

  • Tantrums to Teachable – Does your child scream at you? Do they throw themselves on the floor? Do they shut down completely? We understand! We would love to give you some biblical (and brain based) strategies that can help you! God has designed us in a unique way and as we learn more about His design, we learn additional ways to reach these hard behaviors in our children.

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…The brain! We were knit together in the womb! What does that mean for our brain? How are we wired as adults? How is my child’s brain wired? We’d love to share this vital information with you so that you can understand your child and their behavior on a much clearer basis.

  • Training – Do you have to tell your child what to do three or four times before they will obey? Have you told them four hundred times to do the same task? There is help! God has designed our brains to learn behaviors in a certain way. Learning this insightful information can truly transform the way we train up our children!

  • And many more!

Hearing the techniques provided through You Are My Treasure have been a blessing in our house and family for myself and my daughter.

 She is a 4th grader and by the end of the day she was worn out. By me knowing when to take the “pauses” and restart our communication/listening to each other it helped so much! Just giving her a hug or snuggling to unwind was huge!