I am a Child of God



The world is constantly telling our kids that in order to be someone important, they have to be smart, funny, athletic or pretty…and the list goes on. Let’s combat those lies with this mat that explains what GOD really thinks about them because that is what is most important. This mat has specific quotes from scripture to help even the youngest to see that they are children of God and He thinks they are the greatest!

Tabletop Truth’s durable, kid-friendly placemats can be used to teach children concepts and stories from God’s Word.
These placemats integrate Biblical truths into our families’ everyday routines. The brightly colored pictures and visuals are a great springboard to conversations even for the youngest around our tables.

Please contact Peggy Osborne for tax exempt sales: de***********@ya***.com.

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Brunette Girl, Blond Girl, Redhead Girl, African American Girl, Caucasian Boy, African American Boy


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