“The Heavens declare the glory of God. The sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Declare: (Merriam-Webster)

            1. to make clear

            2. to make evident

            3. to state emphatically

I love this! His work is clear and evident to us. He is not a God of confusion, nor is he a God of subtlety. His work is unmistakable, clear cut, obvious and straightforward. Creation declares his work and reveals His glory.

I love when the Lord reveals His truth in a child. There is something beautiful about a child’s view of God and their special experiences with Him. Not only are children capable of experiencing God’s creation, but I believe they sense Him when outside playing in His handiwork. A mom I know recently had this experience with her child…

About 4 months ago, my child and I were listening to a song called, “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham and my sweet little one asked me to play it several times that day. We then would listen to it periodically in the car as we were driving and we would both sing it out loudly in the car together.

Then it happened and it was marvelous.

We were out on a bike ride and my child was hooked behind me in the kid trailer. I had just pumped my way up a steep hill in my neighborhood and was barely breathing as I made the turn to come down the hill with my kiddo behind me. As I slowed down on my pedaling, the momentum picked up and we both began speeding down the hill together. I was silent and recouping as the wind was hitting me in the face and I was inhaling the fresh air as it whipped by me, then I heard it…it wasn’t soft and it wasn’t low, this giant preschool voice yelled out, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL GOD!” I gasped and turned around as best as I could…speechless… “What did you say honey?” Then there it was again, loud and clear, “I told God, ‘YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL GOD’”.

I had no words. I rode the rest of the way, tears welling up in my eyes, thanking the Lord for the mouths of babes. When is the last time I yelled out in my loudest voice while riding my bike, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL GOD!” What a mighty chant. What a beautiful picture, what a powerful phrase.

Isn’t it interesting? This little one, just by being out in God’s creation, was impressed to shout out to the Creator, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL GOD!” It isn’t a coincidence that you sense His peace by appreciating His creation… It is biblical.

God, you are indeed, beautiful. Your creation is beautiful and your works are wonderful. Let us all shout out your beauty as often as we can.

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