Wes and I had just finished looking at one of our Christian placemats about creation.  We talked about the week of creation and all that God accomplished on each of those days. We ended our discussion on day 6 and 7 where he made Adam and Eve and then rested.

After that, I decided to ask him one of our ritual dinner questions about the saddest part of his day and the best part of the day. It went a little something like this:

Me: Wes, what was the saddest part or your day today?

Wes: Mmmmm, I think when the teacher told me I had to put down the wood chips on the playground.

Me: Yes that would be sad. What was the best part of your day?

Wes: I think recess!

Me: That’s a good one.

Wes: What was your saddest part of the day mom?

Me: When I was coughing this morning when I woke up. I don’t like feeling sick.

Wes: Ya… what was the best part of your day?

Me: I cleaned out a big closet at the church today and I think that was the best part of my day.

For the next few minutes, Wesley didn’t say anything. We both sat there in silence as we ate. He was quietly eating and thinking, and I was quietly eating and thinking. Then, having sat and thought for a while, he turned to me and said: 

Wes: You know what mom?

Me: What?

Wes: I bet I know what Eve’s saddest part of the day was!

Me: You do? (Anxiously awaiting)

Wes: Yep, when she ate that apple!!!

Me: I think you’re right bud! I bet that was the saddest part of her day.

Wes: And do you know the best part of her day?

Me: What?

Wes: Playing in that garden!

Me: You know Wes, I think you’re getting it. That’s pretty good theology my man.

Meditate – to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation. (as defined by Merriam – Webster Dictionary)

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the MEDITATION OF MY HEART be pleasing in your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. (as defined by God himself)

I know Wes is only 3 and I know this might seem like a silly, little story to some, but not to me. The meditation of a 3 year old looks different than the meditation of a 30 year old. I believe God finds it pleasing in His sight to see that children, even at the young age of 3 are meditating on His truths. 

Let all of our children’s hearts and minds continue to meditate on the characters and principles laid out in God’s Holy Word. Amen.

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