Five reasons I loved the Creation Story Placemat this week:

1. It gave my students a colorful and creative way to say the 7 days of creation each day during Bible time.

2. It wasn’t too small: All the kids could perfectly see it during our Bible time. No one was shouting, “I can’t see it! What is it? Move over so I can see.” (Sometimes if a book is too small, this is what I hear.)

3. It wasn’t too big: I didn’t have to stash it away so the kids could see the board or see me. I kept it out each day so we could constantly refer to our God and how gorgeous He made the world. This helped keep our minds on what really mattered as we worked: Jesus and all He has made! 

4. It was the perfect “center piece”.  I placed it in one of our rotating centers for the afternoon and the kids had a choice: They could write the words of each day of creation or they could copy the pictures. They loved it and I think their pictures turned out pretty nicely too. Love to see these little hands copying pictures of God’s work and Word. You can even see that one student wrote, “God is good” on their paper. Yes! 

5. It is laminated in high quality lamination.  While I appreciate any laminated items, the 1.5 mil and the 3 mil are my least favorite. These items tear easily and flop around while you’re trying to hold it. Ugh. But not this! It is thick, heavy and strong and that for me, is a heavenly  gift. It means that I don’t stress if something is spilled on it, or if play-dough is used on it or even if someone accidentally steps on it.  (All of which could happen with my 6 year old students.) It is stress-free teaching!

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