My slight shaking had turned to a shiver, so B considerately gave me full use of the flannel checkered blanket we had been sharing. Wrapping it around my shoulders, I tried to stretch it down to my exposed toes, having already slipped off my black, sequined three inch heels. Neither of us had expected the drop in temperature mid-April in Texas.

Thankfully, the frigid night would not cramp our conversation. Even in a short three weeks, it seemed not much was left to reveal. As our confidence grew in the relationship, so did our transparency. 

“What else ya got?” I said, a phrase he had commonly come to know as I said it anytime there was a lull in conversation or if we were moving from one subject to another.

He usually returned with a question about my life or a story from his or something else easy.

This time he was quiet, almost withdrawn.

I wasn’t sure if he was looking for his words or if he was finally hitting a blank, which I would understand…We had talked about every single thing under the sun, having lingered on face-time each night for the last month.

His reserved pause threw a dose of apprehension into the air.

Should I bring up how much I appreciated the dinner? Or maybe I should break the silence by complimenting his creative plan for dessert? I don’t think I’ve thanked him enough for this thoughtful date: a park after dinner, a fountain in the lake beside us, a blanket, paper cups, Oreos and milk in the ice chest. It’s all been so much fun.

My thoughts were swirling, but I resorted to silence, my eyes nervously fastened to his… I was still waiting for him to counter.  

Then he simply leaned forward and said one word, “This”.

And he kissed me.

And the night unexpectedly warmed. 

The end. 

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