The Sea of Galilee…what a gorgeous way to end a day of touring!  As we drive into the city of Tiberias, the large body of water is captivating.  The Sea is 13-14 miles long and about 8 miles wide.  It is known by several different names: Chinnereth and Gennesaret in the scriptures. In Israel, many call it Kinneret, which means “harp”.  The lake is shaped much like this musical instrument.  Christians, for the most part, call it the Sea of Galilee.

There are so many thing we could talk about regarding the Sea and the gospel!  Today, we will look at Luke 5:1-11.  Let’s read it first and examine what it says:

  1. Where was Jesus standing?
  2. What was the crowd doing?
  3. What did he see?
  4. Whose boat did Jesus get into?
  5. What did he ask Simon to do?

Close your eyes and imagine that scene.  Jesus is sitting in a boat just a little off of the shore.  The crowds have gathered on the shore to listen to what he has to say. They are so hungry to hear his every word!

When Jesus finished his teaching he had other instructions for Simon.

  1. What did he tell Simon to do?
  2. What was Simon’s response?
  3. What was the result?
  4. When Simon saw this result, how did he react?
  5. Why do you think that he “fell at Jesus’ knees?
  6. Who else was there with Simon at the time?
  7. What did Jesus say to the three men?
  8. These three men, James, John and Peter become the “inner three” in Jesus’ ministry. How is Jesus beginning to prepare them for the future that He has for them?

Look up Isaiah 6:1-8.  What was Isaiah’s reaction to the glory of the Lord? How is it similar to Simon’s reaction?

Look up Ezekiel 1:28.  What was Ezekiel’s reaction when he saw the vision from the Lord?

What does this tell you about encounters with Jesus?

Do you still react with awe and amazement when you come into Jesus’ presence or are you more complacent?  Is hearing from Jesus “no big deal” now since you have known Jesus for a long time?

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