To the woman who has already had an abortion,

There have been a lot of posts swarming around about abortion these last two weeks. You’ve seen both sides: people who are fighting in its favor and those fighting against it.

It must be hard for you to read those posts without strong emotions welling up inside.

For the majority of the writers and readers, abortion has never been a decision they’ve needed to make or something they felt they needed to do. We all speak about our opinions and convictions and I do believe we all should, as righteousness is a good thing to speak out about…but for right now, let’s lay that all down.

I want to talk with you, not about you.

We, the writers and readers, have no idea the thoughts and feelings that have permeated your mind these last two weeks.

I don’t know what your emotion was when the process of your abortion began. Were you nervous? Were you fearful or maybe petrified? Or perhaps detached? Was anyone with you or were you alone? Was it painful? Did you flinch?

I wonder of the effect on your heart when the doctor said, “I’m all done.” Did you wince? Was there remorse? Did you feel relief? Did you want to talk about it? Or did you just want the doctor to leave immediately? 

I don’t know the thoughts you had as you stepped down off the table to put your clothes back on. Was the tile floor cold? Was there turmoil in your spirit? Or did you have feelings of nothingness? How was your heart?

I don’t know your thoughts as you drove home. Where did you go? Did you feel the need to cower behind the steering wheel? Did you want to escape? Did you tell anyone? Did you hold back any tears?

I don’t know these things about you.

What I do know is this: God has wonderful, breathtaking feelings towards you.

He wants to sit with you so He can sing over you. He wants to shield you and defend you inside His consoling grip. He wants put a shawl of strength around your burden-filled shoulders. He wants to remove your self-condemnation and exchange it for blamelessness.

You no longer have to perch under the umbrella of judgment or shame. You don’t have to feel dishonor or disgrace or embarrassment. Where you feel reproach, He can bring dignity. Where you feel pain, He can bring rejuvenation. Your heart may be filled with restlessness, anxiety, and trouble, but he can reconcile those with contentment, peace and joy.

Should you choose to run to Him, you can rest in the truth that He has forgiven you. He has taken that day, those moments, all the decisions you made and He has permanently pinned them to the cross. Those moments can be entirely erased. You can be pardoned, completely exonerated.

And your baby, her treasured soul, is with Jesus. She has no remembrance of any discomfort or sadness or fright. She has no ill will towards you, as her mom. She has no evidence at all of the ache of death in her body. She has been healed and she has been made new.

Every day, she rests in the full assurance of perfection for all eternity. She is living in a holy, impeccable paradise and she praises the Savior all day long.

And one day, should you decide to believe in the Almighty, you will be reunited with her. You will hold her, laugh with her and watch her be all that she was meant to be.

The restoration will be complete. The redemption will be finalized. The brokenness will be made whole. This reunion will be bursting of reclamation. Our King will reclaim all that you have lost.

It will be inexpressibly glorious. 

So today, there is hope. There is holiness. There is forgiveness and there is a promised place of reconciliation.

Run to him. He won’t disappoint you.



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